1984 Chevy K10 starts rough, idles, then turns off when the gas pedal is pressed.

Archer22 • 15 November 2019
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I'm working on my son's Chevy K10 and this is the current problem I'm having. The truck starts rough, but it will turn on and idle. As soon as I press the gas, the truck turns off. Any idea what this could be? I've replaced the flywheel, spark plugs, distributor caps, and some wires.


I am sorry to hear about your problem my friend. Let me list down a couple of possible causes for this:

1. A faulty ignition - While it may seem strange, this is the most plausible cause of your problem. Does your car misfire? notice it and let me know.

2. A fault in the Fuel pump of the car - It is possible that the engine is not going enough fuel that keeps on stalling the car.

3. A leak in the Car vaccum

4. Faulty Electrical circuits - Maybe you can check the fuse box to find more about this issue. A faulty connection can cause very strange problems.

5. A faulty Control Valve can be behind this problem.

Did you try a scanner though?

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