2003 325ci service engine light

Toby Hunt • 3 February 2020

BMWs are new to me but I’ve had this car for 2 years. Has 172k miles and runs and drives as good as you would like. The service engine light comes on then off again. Every time I say I better check it out it goes away. It might come back on in a week or a month later. Then repeat. It has come on and I go somewhere and get back in and it’s off that fast. Crazy it’s a good car . Just bought a code reader but have not tested it yet because light went off again. Can weather or other elements cause this. I keep oil change with the highest grade and premium gas. Would the 02  censor do this for so long. The censor is not very expensive and if like other 3 series is easy to fix for the love of god I don’t know why BMW wants 400 bucks to check and replace if it even needs replaced.  Is the location the same as 04s I’m not finding anything to show the 03s location. Can someone help a fellow car guy out. Just had back surgery and not paying 400 bucks for a hour job and 40 buck part. Can a short cause this is it common? Any location pictures and information is greatly appreciated, Thanks 


I think you most likely have a very small EVAP leak. It could be a O2 sensor as well but I doubt it. They usually don't come back to normal operation once they fail.

Read the codes even if the light is of. It may show a pending code. Let us know what comes us.

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