2006 chrysler crossfire convertible top problem

daisyblemmons • 15 November 2019
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2006 crossfire convertible top after unlatching rotating handle and pushing top down button windows go down automatic then nothing else moves but if I cycle key switch an press down button again it will unlatch back glass

then stops again, cycle key switch and press down button again it moves a little more I have to repeat this process 7-8 times to complete top open and covers in correct position .Same thing when closing top it moves a little each time then key cycle and top up pushbutton must be repeated multiple times but it will finally go up and back glass latch will engage

There are two things that can be causing this issue:

1. A miss programming

2. A weak motor that controls the hatch

You can start by performing a computer reset. It is possible that the problem might fix itself.

However, if it does not fix, I would suggest you try to use a scanner to detect the problem.

This is a common problem and more likely to happen when there is a faulty motor

that is not performing well.

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