2008 Saturn Astra Problem

Jon M • 26 November 2019

I recently installed a new battery and now the electronics flicker off and on then the car just dies. I hooked up a jumper box to it and it still does the same thing. Any ideas? Alternator? Thank you.


alternator is responsible for charging your car’s battery when the car is running and for providing electrical power to the rest of your vehicle. 

In my opinion you have bad Alternator or bad ground wire.

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  • Where is the ground wire located on a 2008 Saturn Astra? What would i need to do if thats the culprit? Thanks.

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  • Hi Jon.

    I don't know the location of ground wire in you car, but any electrician guy will find. One has contact with Engine, another one must have contact with body of car.

    What you should do.... is to make sure that they have contact with body of the car

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  • Turns out the radio was draining the battery the CD30 is the culprit that traces all the way back to 2004. GM knew of this problem and did’t replace the radios on the Opel/Vauxhall model Astras. Aftermarket next. My next question however is how do i fix the windshield washer pump? The hose is leaking and whenever i put fluid in it it just leaks and i’m not hearing the pump work. It’s a brand new pump too.

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  • If you don't hear the noise of pump work (it could be blocked from bad fluid or particles) remove it and clean , I would recommend to locate the wires near pump and see if they are in good condition, also check Fuse Box (fuse for washer pump) . At the end replace the washer pump with new one. I saw some prices online of washer pump, it is around 20$  if I am not wrong. And also buy some windshield washer hose  and replace where are leaking the fluid.


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