2014 Camry fan keeps running after engine turned off ,key removed

marycove • 15 November 2019

Three different garages, mechanics [one Toyota Dealership] been unable to diagnose problem. been 2 weeks Camry still at dealership. Mechanic continues to investigate origin of problem


Hi there, have had the same problem happened on a couple of cars. The issues is usually the ignition switch or a defective control unit.

In order to diagnose the issue, you need a good scanner. Which the dealer has. But you also need a good mechanic who know what they are doing.

I don't know how much I can help without having the car.

Have you taken it to a Toyota specialist (other than the dealer)?

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  • The real issue is with malfunctioning control unit that keeps on giving current to your fans even after the car has shut off.

    This is a big problem and can quickly drain off your battery.

    Try to disconnect your battery first and then switch off your car to see what happens to the fan. This will be a quick way to diagnose the problem.

    If the fans shut off after disconnecting the battery, there is an issue with the control unit which is not shutting off the electric supply.

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