2014 Mazda 5 Van - Radio appears to work but no sound??

mrkrgm • 15 November 2019
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I've checked the fuses both on right side interior and under hood. Nothing burnt out. Does anyone have any insight into this??

Radio appears to be functional when turning on changing stations, insert CD plays, but no sound. I'm baffled


It most cases that issue is caused by a defective radio. It is a more common problem on cars that have fiber optic cable. In those cars if the fiber optic cable is damaged or one of the components fails, you have no radio. On your car you don't have fiver optic cable. Which means the only thing that you can point your finger too is the radio. Unless all your speakers went dead or your car has an amplifer.

I don't think Mazda 5 came with a factory amp, but you want to make sure because that could be the culprit as well.

Check the fuse panel to see if you have a Amp fuse.

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