2016 kia optima

Vanita Jeans • 29 January 2020
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my carjust got out of the shop getting front end damage repaired. now my battery is dead and when i jumped it off its running bad. like its missing it just had headlights and radiator and front bumper replaced


You may have bad alternator (you can test his one with volt-meter).  Also some accessories in a your car require quite a bit of voltage.  Heated seats, the blower motor, power windows, and even the radio. 

If you know how to use Multimeter, you can find what is eating your battery.

You know the location of fuse box ?  Then, remove fuse of headlights, check if your battery will die , another day remove fuse of radio and check if your battery dies, one by one.

Something in your car is eating your battery,  electrical issue or whatever.

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