2017 GLS 500 comand unit

humbz • 24 March 2020

2017 GLS 500 comand screen not turning on, have tried holding "eject" and checked fuses.

On button lighting up but screen nor functions via steering wheel controls etc responding.

Any suggestions? 



Did you try to detached and attached the battery to restart the system. It happened also in the GLC of my friend. There is something wrong in the hardware.

Try unplugging the battery and let it restart to see if it works? I'm just guessing...

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  • If the fuse is good and there is power at the head unit you may have:

    - a bad COMAND unit

    - a faulty audio gateway

    Those are the most likely issues but with the car using a CAN network, an issue somewhere else can cause it to not power on.

    Have you noticed any other electrical issues? Also, you will need to read the fault codes with Star Diagnostic. Have you done that yet?

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  • Fuses are good/power is getting to headunit/screen,

    no other electrical issues just totally nothing woking that is COMAND related and no display of audio/nav etc in cluster display.

    only read faults via autel at this stage.

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