99 mazda protege transmission

Tammy McGhee • 5 February 2020

Car started off needing seals from leaks.  Did that but, I can clear the OD blinking light and car will shift through gears but reving up between 2nd and third gears.  Car runs at 2700 rpms but goes up to 3900 rpms when trying to shift higher gears. When the OD light comes back on, car wont shift into overdrive.  Solenoid good. Fluids good, seals and bearing replaced, new oxygen sensor.  Transmission was replaced last year with a junk yard one but must be slipping. Sometimes it won't start up without messing with negative battery cable? I love this old car.  Any suggestions what to try before replacing transmission?  Pic is a sensor? There is a vaccuum line attached. Is that correct to do? I know I sound clueless,  but I am hehe. Any help plz. 


We had a same year Mazda 626 with the same symptoms. 

It ended up being the speed sensor mounted on the top of the transmission housing. 

I would check the transmission fluid level first.

Then read the codes with a transmission scanner. 

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  • 106 . ..map sensor

    175 oxygen sensor

    171 engine module 

    Also today I found some metal pipe the size of a big finger, located directly under the battery station.  It literally has electric tape on it?  Any idea what it might be? I think trans fluid may be dripping from it?  I'm not sure. I'm thinking of removing the battery and the plate it's on to get a picture of it.


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