Airbags and engine lights is on

Nadav Hougui • 19 November 2019

Hi everyone. I bought a Nissan Elgrand 2001 about a month ago, I am traveling in New Zealand and here when someone buys a car it has to come with a warranty of fitness which my car does have one of those.

The car has been converted to a camper van which mean that the rear seats has been taken off in order to make some space for equipment. 

Today I went to a garage on order to tighten up my fan belt, do an oil change and also look after those two indicators of the engine and the airbag.

At the garage he told me that the oxygen sensor and the spring clock needs to be replaced for some reasons that I didn't understand properly...

It is strange because the condition of the car is quite new, although it is a old car (2001) it's only 117 thousand kilometers when I bought it and it does have a wof in effect and I have most of the previous wof papers which shows that was nothing wrong about the car..

The airbag light is flickering red for about two and a half weeks

The engine sensor is yellow and turn all the time

Thanks very much for any answer in advanced 🙂

Hi Nadav, 

Sorry to hear about your troubles. Those are great cars but problems do happen. 

I assume your mechanic has scanned the codes or he would not suggest those repairs. 

So yes, a bad clock spring will trigger the airbag light. The reason is that it connects the wires for the drivers airbag. If the wires get cut, your driver's airbag will not deploy. 

The check engine light can come for a number or reasons. Oxygen sensor is a common issue. 

If you want you can post the codes here and we can take a look at them. 

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  • Hi thanks for the respond.

    I do have the codes and I will attach them right now.

    Weird thing happened today although, after checking today at a Nissan garage (which told us the same problems) the engine indicator is not on anymore, how that's possible?

    The results from today's garage.

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