Leo Sylvia • 12 February 2020
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A very close friend of mine told me that car dealerships are responsible to repair seatbelt issues, because they are a safety hazard.

 Is this true?

 We have an airbag light that just.came on.


Hi Leo,

Your friend is partially right and partially wrong.

There are a number of recalls that Hyundai has issued that are realted to the airbag system.

One of them for example is for a faulty passenger occupancy sensor. If your car is one of the cars that the dealer has identified as affected by this issue, they will fix it free of charge.

Also your dealer is not going to fix all airbag problems free of charge.

Let's say you have bad seat belt rectractor and it triggers the airbag SRS light. But there are no recall ever issued for Hyundai Santa Fe seat belt rectractors. The dealer is going to charge you to fix it.

The best thing to do is to call any Hyundai dealer give them your vin and they will tell you if there is any airbag system recalls. If there are no recalls, you are on your own.

If there is a recall, there are two things you can do. Take the car to the dealer and let them do a diagnostic, which they will most likely charge you for. They need to verify the airbag light is on due to the recall. Or you can use an airbag scaner to read the codes yourself and find out if any of them are covered by a recall.

If your airbag light is not on due to the recall, the dealer will charge you further if you decide to get the car repaired there. Or they may fix the recall issue but your airbag light may still be on, in case there is another issue going on besides the recall issue.

Hope this helps! Would love to hear more about your problem and how this plays out.

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