my bad bearing

So the procedure of replacing a wheel hub assembly is basically the same in most cars, follow these simple steps

1. Make sure you park your car on a flat service, this is very important

2. If you have a wheel chock, use it to secure the wheels which you will not touch

3. Start losening the nuts

4. Use a jack to lift your car

5. Completely unscrew the nuts to take off the wheel

6. Take out the wheel caliper using a ratchet

7. Now you need to remove some parts namely, castle nut, cotter pin and the dust cover

8. Now you can easily remove the whole rotor

9. You will be able to see the hub

10. Unscrew the hub bolts and remove it

11. Now you need to carefully disassemble the hub assembly

12. Clean the knuckles and break and remove the races

13. Install a completely new hub assembly

14. Repeat all of the above to place your tyre back in

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  • If you have ever changed a tyre, changing a hub assembly should be pretty straight forward.

    I will not go in details since the answer above is to the point.

    I will however remind you to buy a very high quality replacement for your car. This is a very important part of your car's safety and a poor quality part can be dangerous.

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