BMW E60 V8 No crank No Start

Rick Flair • 10 February 2020

I bought a 2004 BMW 545i for a very attractive price. No Crank No start with a broken keyfob. 1st thing I do is buy a new battery & attempt to start the car. Everything turns on Dash works in “on” position, when the key is turned to “Start” .... No sound not even a click from the starter relay. Due to my past experience with BMW’s & EWS problems I bite the bullet , invest in a new key from a reputable locksmith. Same outcome only difference that I didn’t pay attention to at first was the fuel pump clicking in the “On” Position , I tested for fuel flow at the Schrader valve & it squirts out. Foot on the the brake , car in park ..... Turn the key to “Start” Position..... Nothing at all. I’ve done a lot of research & everywhere I look basically says if the starter is bad you will hear some type of click when turning the key. I have a multi-meter & ability/know how to test/ trouble shoot , where should I start? Does it sound like a bad starter or something else? 

More BackGround: The previous owner took it to your regular backyard mechanic, who Knew nothing about BMW’s & tried horribly to troubleshoot the car (I have 2 alternate ECU/TCU) They claim the starter was changed. Also the plastic covers in the engine bay where left off so the inside carpet was soaked for a good month (not sure if any of this matters but just fyi) 


I would check voltage at the starter. On the solenoid you will see a thick red wire. This is the contacnt 12 volt. It should be live all the time with ignition on, position II.

There is a thinner wire that goes to the starter solenoid. This should be live only when you try to start the engine.

I would also get a 27mm socket and try to turn the crankshaft clockwise by hand. This will ensure the engine is not seized and there is no issues with timing.

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  • Hi Rick,

    Yeah I would check the starter relay and check for power at the starter solenoid. This picture may help.


    Also do you have a good scanner?

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  • I think you might have a problem with either your car access module, or the keyfob itself. 
    I think this because based on your comment, the car doesn't even crank. With most German vehicles, Mercedes, BMW, and Audi. There is an access module which unlocks the car before normal operations. In the mercedes, it is a clicking (or sucking) sound, after which you can turn the ignition. Here's a video that might help

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