Buick Lucerne 2006

pias3363 • 18 November 2019
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Help! Cannot figure out how to wind the wire strips into the clock spring in 2006 Buick Lucerne. It looks as if they were wound opposite directions when I removed the cover. Also, after 3 rotations either way, the wires seem  to snap off.... 


Hi there,

The clock springs typically can only rotate three rotations either way. In fact the steering wheel goes only about 2 1/2 rotations in each direction. So that seems fine to me.

But the thing is that I have never been able to wind up the clock spring wires successfully. Even if you make it there is a good chance the wires will rub when you turn the steering wheel.

If the clock spring has been opened, than it is time to get a new clock spring. They are very cheap online.

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