Can you change the fan yourself on an ac condenser?

LDevine24 • 15 November 2019
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My AC is blowing hot most of the time once in awhile if it's been sitting for a long time it will blow cold for a little while and then eventually goes to hot again. You're going to try to recharge it ourselves this evening but one of your question and answers that I was reading said that if by chance it starts blowing warm when you're sitting it could be the fan, so if this step doesn't work I'm wondering if the changing of the fan on the air condenser is something that we can do ourselves. My daughter is wanting to go to mechanic school next year and so we are trying to do some projects ourselves to start her learning :)

Thanks so much - Lori D


I haven't replaced the air condenser fan on the SRX but in most cars it is relatively easy job. The fan is in front of the radiator. In some cases you can remove the fan without removing anything else. The worst case scenario is that you have to remove the top of radiaotr support. Then remove the condenser fan. Either way, not the most diffiuclt job.

Post a picture of your ac condenser fan and maybe I can guide you further.

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