What cause enough pressure to blow out new replaced freeze plug?

savannahdales • 15 November 2019

Just recently replaced a freeze plug on the back side of my motor of my 95 GMC, after dropping the exaust, both drive shafts, transmission, fly wheel, cross member etc so that the plug can b reached n changed, as I just pulled on the highway for a little test drive I heard some metal clinging i stopped to check n saw water pouring out from the same placed of where the plug was just replaced... The replaced plug was thoroughly checked for a tight snugged fit. So wat could cause it to blow back out?



Very sorry to hear that. I don't think you can ignore anything. The problem might be caused by a faulty plug, which can malfunction even if you snuggly fit it in.

Also, you mentioned how you had to go through fly wheel, transmission, etc to reach the plug. That's a lot of things and if you are not an expert, a problem could have occured at any of these steps.

Have you had this problem again? what's the latest?

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  • My guess is that the threads where stripped when the plug was installed.

    Look at the threads of the plug and see if you can determine if that is the case.

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