Cold water leak?

R.J_Bryant79 • 15 November 2019

My 2005 Suzuki Forenza is having a psoriatic water leak. It doesn't leak all the time, doesnt get hot according to the gauge in which I know works it only drips cold water. Can't be the water pump or cracked head it's not close to the fire wall so I'm thinking it's not the heater core either....did I mention that I never run my a/c so....????


I know you mentioned that you don't run the AC but my first guess was that it was your Ac.

what I would do is to check the AC lines in the engine when you noticed the water leak if the lines her cold your AC might be running even though you may have not turned it on. Check if your Ac compressor is engaged as well.

Another thing that you should check is to identify if it's coolant or if it is clearwater it indicates that it's coming from the AC.

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  • Can you tell by the smell if it is coolant or not? Coolant has a very unique smell. You will be able to tell.

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  • It is possible that rain water from the windshield is not draining but is making it to the engine bay where it may be sitting until it drains at a latter time when you move the car.

    Just a though.

    Does the water have any smell at all?

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