crank no start condition 1991 protege

-paul • 15 November 2019

set codes 02 and 25, crank no start. no spark and no fuel pump sound (pump runs with a jumper installed in diagnostics box only) new distributer and coil now installed with no change. Owner lost all ignition/fuel pump suddenly while driving on interstate. What would cause this and how to troubleshoot, thanks.


This could be a problem with the Engine Control Unit or ignition.

Do the dash lights turn on when you loose spark and fuel?
Also have you done a fuel pressure test?
And have you read the codes via the OBD2 port under the dashboard? Even if the check engine light is not on, there may be pending codes that can help you.

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  • Hi, I would like to bring to your notice that in order to resolve your problem you need to understand the basic construction of your engine. I need you to first go through the user manual and guide provided to you by the manufacturer. Because going through it will make you familiar with the design and construction of the engine. Now they generally mention the common problems and their solution. If your problme still persist i would request you to read this and follow my lead to solve your problem.

    Car starter problems arise unexpectedly and for more than one reason. Whenever there's corroded terminals, loose connections, a bad, worn out or damaged system component, you'll notice. Starting your car becomes more difficult or it simply refuses to start.

    Unfortunately, you won't see the source of the problem when all of a sudden the system fails. And repeatedly turning the ignition key, hoping that eventually the engine will fire up when it refuses to start, doesn't always help. Most often, it creates more problems.

    Fortunately, common starter system problems happen in predictable places. And you have at your disposal more than one strategy to help you check the system in your car. Whether it is lack of power, a bad electrical connection, or a bad starter component, use these five troubleshooting tips to fire up your engine again.

    Begin with one of the most common sources of engine starting problems.

    <h2>Common Problems</h2>

    1.Loose electrical connections in the starting system

    2.Dirty connections

    3.Corroded battery terminals

    4.Worn out or failed starter system parts

    5.inspecting cables and wires

    6.inspecting the starter

    7.check starter mortor

    8.inspecting the flywheel.

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  • I NOTICED today by chance (novice,) the timing belt had broke- (as a matter of fact at 35 thousand miles 35K pre-maturely" by my guessetemation due to- synthetic oil LEAK BY-&amp; consumation" by the main oil seal LEAKING BY &amp; degrading the timing belt AND BREAKING), DIAG. CODES seems caused the computer to lose crank sensor reference and shut down fuel pump,

    i presume COMPUTER SENSED &amp; CAUSED CODE 02 (NO CRANK SIGNAL SO, no fuel pump &amp; shut down caused loss of fuel presure CODE 25 and coding to a 025 that there was not sufficient pressure at regulator...

    AND so well.... just change the timing belt rite? well if no valves or cracked pistons- no harm , no fowl... keep on ge'tn up rite?

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  • Yes, you are right. Since you have discovered the source of the problem. You need to change the crank chain and then also tighten the bolts and seal the oil leakage. After you have done the replacement of the chain. Set the valve opening and closing timing correctly and match it with the fuel injection sequence, to avoid any problem and after that, you can start the engine give it some 5-10 mins run by accelerating and deaccelerating, it will correct the errors and you will have your car back to normal.

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