How do i program a key for a 97 cadillac eldorado


I think I may be able to help you, but the whole process can be a bit tricky, let me guide you step by step, so its not confusing

1. Start by inserting your key in the ignition

2. Slowly turn it towards ON position.

3. Turn it as much as you can without ranking up the engine, be careful here :)

4. Now look at your climate control unit. There must be a 'warm' and 'off' button. Press both of them together

5. If you climate control unit is analog, press the 'off' button and 'passenger cooler' button.

6. You will see the unit light all options and then go blank

7. Now you have to view the diagnostic options. Do this by pressing 'Fan Down'

8. Once you see the RFA options press 'Fan Up' button

9. You should be able to see NO OVRD RF SOO displayed.

10. Now press 'Fan up' once more

11. Now you should be able to see PPGM FOB I SO1 displayed.

12. Press 'Warm Up' button again and you will a number 99 displayed

13. You are now in the programming mode

14. Now press and hold the trunk button and keeping holding the lock button on your remote.

15. Once the programming is complete, Press 'reset' to exit

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