Engine won't turn off

jasonchrest • 15 November 2019

started yesterday:

2014 Chrysler Town and Country

use the key to start the vehicle, cannot shift out of park. Check engine light is illuminated as well as traction light. When removing the key everything appears normal from inside the van but the engine continues to run. Have to pull the fuel pump fuse to kill it.

*will shift if shift release is depressed and appears to run fine minus above issues

**concerned with driving to autozone as part of the symptom matches brake switch issues. But that doesn't account for the engine continuing to run


Oh wow

Do you hear some misfiring sound? If not, This is most probably an issue with the Wirless Ignition Node (WIN)

However there are other possibilities as well, there is a probability of dirty internal contacts or worn our parts.

In order to change the WIN, you will need to it to the dealership.

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  • I was thinking that could be the problem, or even the brake switch...

    managed to get to Oreilly and pulled these codes:


    It seems to cut off on its own if the engine is cool. I drove a few places checking this, short drives are ok. I did have a longer drive and stopped for a drink, the engine was still running when I went into the store but stopped while I was in there. After leaving all of the indicator lights for the transmission were on like it was in every gear. It drove but didn.t get out of 2nd gear. Pulled over, turned it off and back on - worked great.

    i.m thinking Now that it may be the PCM computer... or a wiring issue.

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  • The ignition module is a common issue. The solder joints inside the ignition module are often the culprit as they break. They may work when cold and not when hot due to the fact that they will contract and expand. Thus making or loosing contact.

    Without diving too much into technical stuff, I would have the dealer hook it up to their scanner and see what codes come up. The dealer scanner will give you a much better idea.

    I wouldn't recommend the dealer in most cases, but I think you will be visiting a lot of mechanics with this problem before someone finds the root of the problem.

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