fuel 2001 mercedes clk320

jerry raynor • 17 March 2020

battery has full charge turn over once and have to turn key off  starter will not stay running how do you get off limp mode  does throttle positioning senser keep from starting?chaged fuel filter no fuel pressure the code reader says code120 throttle/pedal positioning sensor/switch A circuit where is that part car will start but if you touch gas pedal it dies  turn over again it wiil start but dies again if you touch gas pedal the car died on the freeway went into limp mode before it died had car towed home 


I need to find the problem soon I need the car  just one code I hope  I have a new electric fuel pump coming on wed hope that is problem

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  • Hi Jerry,

    My guess is that you have a problem with the throttle pedal accelearator. The sensor is located in the engine bay, near the brake booster. At least on the W210 that's where it is. I think on the W208 it is on mounted on the same location.

    The cable from the gas pedal connects to this sensor. My recomandation would be scan the codes with a professional scanner first.

    Throtle sensor


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