My headlights are not working

Boy Guye • 15 November 2019

Okay, so I have a Toyota Corolla 2012 model and my right headlight stopped working. I went to the shop, bought a new light and replaced it and everything worked fine.

Later, my left headlight stopped working, so I bought a new one and it was fixed.

Now after 2 months, my right headlight has stopped working again.

So I am not sure, am I just buying low quality parts? or can this be a circuit problem from the inside? Don't want to keep on buying new lights and not get the real problem fixed.


Try to use gloves when you install the bulb or don't touch the glass part with your hand.

Also go for a good brand like Phillips for example.

Let us know if you have the problem again.

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  • Thanks.. the thing is, I never changed it myself. The shop owner just installed it themselves. You think it can be a problem with how they are installing it?

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