Heated Steering Wheel

Doug Ellis • 2 February 2020

Overheated and burnt small hole in leather cover... Where is the temp sensor for the heated steering wheel on this vehicle? Is this the most likely  cause of the problem?

Any help would be appreciated.... Thanks

93500 km

There should be a module (I think), that control the heater steering wheel.  I did some research and other bmw drivers claims about overheated steering wheel in their cars  and I didn't find something relevant to your question.

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  • Three things could cause this
    1. Your airbag (more likely if it has ever been worked on)
    2. A short circuit in the steering wheel
    3. A broken heated steering wheel switch.

    Either way, ensure to disable the airbags (for now) by removing the associated fuses in order to avoid the airbags going out when the temperature becomes too high.

    I hope this helps :)

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