HELP!! Pulling 04 ford explorer.

Cory Wyble • 25 February 2020

A few days ago I was driving when i accelerated suddenly my SUV started to pull like a huge gust of wind had caught my truck and blew it to the right and it continued to pull like this till I slowed down It continues to do this when I reach certain speeds and it's not just high speeds. I could be going 40mph and this will start happening. I have new struts, I had the upper ball joints changed and all 4 tires are new.  I know I need an alignment because my steering wheel is very off center but could that really be the issue to cause such a drastic pull? I also need to mention that I hear a loud air escaping noise coming from the passenger side of the vehicle when I stop and especially when I park and turn off my truck almost like your turning off your a/c but that's not working right now either so I don't even try to turn that on. 


This can definitely be an alignment issue and most likely it is the case here. 

Get that done first and let us know what you find out. 

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  • I went and got the alignment they said my camber is off and I need new front camber but it's still swinging like I have no control over the thing when I'm driving and it only takes a crack in the road or offset balance of the road to set my truck going like I'm being hit by big wind gusts. 






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