ignition coil location

Jerry • 15 November 2019

What is the location of the #2 ignition coil on a 2002 I35 Infiniti. Is it front middle or back left?


<img alt="location of igntion" data-entity-type="file" data-entity-uuid="c54cd143-0f54-472d-84ad-93cf118755bd" src="https://asset.youcanic.com/root/users/images/2019/02/inline/infiti-engi…; />

In this picture you can see the order of the cylinders in your car. They start with 1 &amp;2 on the passenger side and end with 5 and 6 on the rider side. The pulley shown in the pic is on the passenger side.

Which puts the no 2 coil on the left (passenger) side on the front of the engine.

Hope this helps.

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