Is it my ignition switch?

Jorina Celeridad • 15 November 2019
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My 2012 Dodge Caravan is stalling while I'm driving, which is scary when it happen while I'm driving on the freeway. My screen where my speedometer is, turns black and I loose all power.. there is no check engine light or codes to go off of. Some things on the net are saying it's my ignition and others say it's my battery.. has anyone dealt with this before and if it is my switch how do I change it out? Thanks for the help


Hi Jorina.

I would recommend to contact a professional guy that will do a clear scan of your car with a good diagnostic tool and locate the problem and change the right part in your car.   

Yes you can change the ignition or the battery (maybe by yourself), but not sure if your problem is fixed, so you will through out some $

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