New Audi Key

Erica Silbernagel • 16 November 2019

I just recently bought an Audi S4. It came with one key/remote combo but it was most definitely wore out. So I purchased a new one online. When it arrived I just put the old key and everything from inside the old remote on the new one. Everything works for starting the car but the buttons don’t. So I tried the hold the unlock button down  on the remote and while holding it out it in the ignition turning it to position II. That didn’t work I also tried just putting the key in again on position II and holding the unlock button on the door for 30 seconds again for 3 seconds holding both at the same time. Still nothing. The only new key remote not just a battery change requires two keys. But I only have one. What else can I try before I have to go spend a mountain of cash for the dealer to do it. Audi S4 New remote but old insides needs help making the buttons work. Remember I only have one key!!



Sorry to hear about your troubles. It seems that the new key shell is not exactly for your version of the key. You shouldn't have had to do any programing. 

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  • I’m confused... what do you mean it’s not exactly for my version of the key?

    The old key never has never worked for me or the pervious owner either. So what do I have to do to make it so I can use it to lock and unlock my doors??

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  • I would stop by at a auto parts store or locksmith and test the key. We don't know if the key is not sending a signal or the car is not getting it or it is a programming issue. Testing the key is simple. 

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