Porsche cayenne 958 S v8 2011

Loi Fain • 26 February 2020

Hi I am new to here and happy to know all of you. 

My cayenne 958 suddenly come up with few faulty like 

PSM failure, Abs failure, faulty electric parking brake and heavy steering at low speed 

Hope can have some sharing with your.



Most likely a bad ABS wheel speed sensor. The only error that is throwing me off is the electric parking brake error.

The worst case would be a bad ABS (PSM) failure.

What I would do is either take it to a shop to do a diagnositc or get a scanner that can read all systems on a Porsche. A scanner like that will run you around $150 the same as what you will spend on one time diagnostic.

Then let us know what codes come up.

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  • I think it might be ABS control module, but without reading codes  you can not do nothing in this car.
    As Mercedes Medic mentioned, first you need a scanner, then provide us  error codes and we will try to help you.

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