How to reset a 2013 Cadillac ats air bag srs

lilbadazzdarriendural • 15 November 2019
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My air bag cam on in the dash bord and jeep beeping for seevice so how do i check it or reset the srs and where is it located


First you need to figure out why the airbag/srs light is on. The best way to find out is to use an airbag scanner and read the codes via the diagnostic port under the dashboard.

If there are stored codes, they can be cleared. Such as low battery voltage to the SRS module.

If the codes are present, they need to be addressed. Fixed. Common issue include passenger seat mat or defective clock spring. If you get a fault code for driver airbag resistance to high, most likely it is the clock spring. You fix the issue then clear the code.

Hope this helps. Let us know what you find out.

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