Running hot 2010 ford escape

jameshurd • 15 November 2019

Description of Problem: The other day i was driving home from work and my suv started running hot i popped the hood and noticed steam was coming from the water outlet housing so i took it off and found that it was cracked and so i replaced it. Now it still runs hot.Im guessing when it got hot it cracked the water outlet housing What couldve made it get that hot this the first time it ever ran hot.any suggestions within about 10 minutes of driving it run hot but when just idling it doesnt. Any suggestions



So I understand this is the first time this problem happened to you.

So the reason for the water outlet getting so hot can be many.

1. It can be the weather and I am not sure where you live but I am assuming it wasn't that hot.

2. Then we go to the other possible reason, the water and coolant level in your car was low. You probably didn't check it on time and it caused the problem.

3. There might have been a leak, since a long time and you were unable to notice it, which eventually lead to the crack.

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