BMW Radio CCC DIY Repair


A common problem with BMW radio especially on E60 and E61 chassis in the CCC or CIC failing. The iDrive screen stays black or keeps restarting. In many cases, the problem is four chips on the main board.

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Heated Steering Wheel

2 Feb 2020 •
Overheated and burnt small hole in leather cover... Where is the temp sensor for the heated steering wheel on this vehicle? Is this the most likely  cause of the problem? Any help would be appreciated.... Thanks


1 Feb 2020 •
Our 2006 BMW 650I heated steering wheel overheated burning a small hole in the leather wrap, quickly turned off at the switch. I assume there is a temp sensor unit somewhere that should have controlled this but I guess it has failed … where and what it is I can't locate, I need some help or suggestions please..

650i key removal

23 Nov 2019 •
hi After flex joint replacement, i went ahead and replaced the transmission fluid. I can remove the key and looks like transmision wont reset. any input appreciatde. jorge