6 Jan 2020 •
Trans was jerking going into safe mode. Drain and replaced seals and filter. Reconnected and filled unit Attempted to power up and start, getting no transmission display and shift indicators flashing with no start. Repeated process re-seated and re-placed IVM, re-seated control modules, still getting same trouble. Replaced valve body, re checked all connections. Where could my trouble, still looking to check connections, wire harnesses, etc. Still get same trouble, no start, no transmission display and flashing shift indicators

Key fob

11 Dec 2019 •
Hey: key problem, I set the alarm off( accident) and immediately changed the dead battery (instrument panel) indicated battery low on fob, I also at the same time replaced the key pads, after that key in ignition , car won’t start ( instrument Panel is awake.  HELP!!!

2008 BMW 750 lil no start issue

9 Nov 2019 •
Hello, I have an issue with my 2008 bmw 750 li. The car cranks but not start. It will start pretty fast when I jump it with my jump starter but if I drive around and then shut it off, it dies again. I downloaded and used INPA to pull some codes which I have provided below. My best guess is a bad battery even though my current battery tests good at the auto parts store. I also thought possibly a bad door handle or the ibs (if its equipped with one). Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks SIM/SGM 93f4 SSFA 9763 DME/DDE  2FC6    2BC0

Mass air flow sensor

20 Aug 2019 •
 I replaced my air flow sensor, the idle is choppy, chokes, but when disconnected idles fine, is there a calibration step I need to apply ?

Rear strut mont removal

28 Jul 2019 •
Trying to remove rear shock strut mint, any helpful hints , I’ve been at it and it The only thing holding me up

Strut mont removal

22 Jul 2019 •
 Have no luck removing the rear shock strut mont, it’s the only thing I can’t remove, any tips ???? Help


28 Jun 2019 •
i need to replace my fan on my e38 and was wondering if there is a better option 
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