27 Mar 2020 •
OK I am new to this , just bought a 2008 x5 m sport 150,000 miles I have a couple of problems with intermittent lights coming on  4x4 dsc abs lights, used a fox diagnostic tool Fault codes showing 5dbb dsc sensor internal Ecu info bmw part 6788220 I am a little confused one code is for the pump and the other the internal dsc unit  The fox unit allowed me to do a pump test and it came back as a failure  Would like to know before I start replacing parts , any ideas ......?.

Brake Light Switch

15 Nov 2019 •
Hi there, I am having issues with my brake lights not coming on and I would like to know how to test the brake light switch for this unit or is there a way to bypass the switch to test it that way? Cheers

Transmission malfunction warning light BMW X5 2009 possibly faulty?

15 Nov 2019 •
Had the transmission malfunction warning light come on a total of four times in about 5 weeks. It will only come on if I'm on the highway going 80 miles per hour or more for 15 to 25 minutes. If I pull over take the key out and put it back in the car runs normal. I took it to BMW service center and they could not find anything wrong with it. No codes came up for them. They reset the transmission computer. I change the transmission fluid filter in pan after the first time the light came on. It did run better.


4 Oct 2019 •
Hola amigos: Como puedo saber de cuantos pines es la coneccion del sistema de navegacion de mi vehiculo , es sistema ccc . Gracias atte.: jose

airbag fault light

13 Jul 2019 •
have an airbag fault light on solid. just replaced the clockspring.  No change  still have airbag fault light and my foxwell nt510 gives me a DME  2D fault which is identified as a multifunction steering wheel interface fault.  I have read that a foxwell 510 will reprogram components but can find no info on how to do it to a clockspring.  Any help?


8 Jul 2019 •
No electrical power,no dash lights , except "park" light, No crank, No start= Could really use some help?