Fault codes

9 Jan 2020 •
How to fix a mercedes benz A160 with diagnosis code P0600 and P0335

NTG6 maps installation

15 Nov 2019 •
Hi, I am interested in installing maps and activating carplay/andriod auto on my A200. I live in Singapore and my car is from the UK (so it has European maps) It is running on the new NTG 6 system and I am having trouble finding someone who can do this. Any help will be appreciated!

Stephen Allen - Query regarding tailgate on Mercedes A160

15 Nov 2019 •
My wife finds this very stiff and heavy to open. Are there any retro-fit options available to provide power assistance please?

2008 A170 won't start

15 Nov 2019 •
Hi. My 2008 A170 wont start. It says SRS malfunction on display. Drive to nearest workshop but it won't start. Engine just makes a tick noise but no turnover whatsoever. I did check the battery which was replaced a few months ago and it says fully charged. Any idea as to what might be wrong?

Merc A160 2004 turn signal

15 Nov 2019 •
Hi, my merc A160 2004, gives an incorrect turn signal, some times. If the indicator is switched to turn left, it indicates to the RH side> Do you know what can be the problem or how to fix this dangerous situation?

160 A Class 2003 model

15 Nov 2019 •
I have replaced my car's battery and now suddenly the central locking is not working

2016 Mercedes A Class Diesel W176

15 Nov 2019 •
Can you recommend a diagnostic tool (Affordable) with which I can regenerate the DPF on my Diesel. My work has changed and I am no longer doing high mileage or long journeys and am afraid that DPF blocking and replacement may be on the horizon. Thank you.

Mercedes rear roaring noise

15 Nov 2019 •
I have a 2013 Meecedes C300 AWD. Recently I've been hearing a roaring from the rear of the car when im at slow speeds turning either direction. Once i straighten out the noise stops completely. The shop suggested that i replace the front, rear differential fluids as well as the transfer case. Which we did 350$ later and its still making the same noise. Any advise on what it might be?

1998 Mercedes A160 semi Automatic

15 Nov 2019 •
Hi all,recently purchased A160 for daughter and all was good when I got it but now throwing up fault code P1504 on my MBll scanner,when I try to clear code it clears but comes straight back,also hear single click from engine bay once code comes back?? I was thinking of getting MAF air mass meter repaired,will this fix problem??? Any help would be greatly appreciated ? Jimarco71

Mersedes a140 (1998) diagnostic equipment

15 Nov 2019 •
I ave a Mersedes a140 from 1998 (european) with a SRS warning light on. I want to find the fault with the system and if possible repair it myself (I'm good at fiddly repairs--I repair mobile phones). What I don't have, and don't seem to be able to find, is a reasonably priced diagnostic instrument that works for my vehicle. Can anyone help me out with this?