How to Enter Mercedes Service Menu, Dyno Mode | W211 W203 W209


In this guide, you are going to learn how to access the Mercedes-Benz Instrument Cluster Secret Menu also known as the service menu or engineering menu.

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Mercedes-Benz COMAND control knob not working, DIY Fix


The rotating function of certain Mercedes-Benz COMAND control knobs is known to stop working. All other functions will continue to work.

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Mercedes-Benz C-Class W205 Engine Air Filter Replacement


In this guide, you will find instructions on how to change the engine air filter on Mercedes-Benz C-Class W205.

Applicate to models such as C300 years 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020.

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MB W203 Oil in vacuum pump

9 Mar 2020 •
I noticed an oil leak apparently coming form my vacuum pump.  I replaced the vacuum pump, but, when I opened the old pump, there was oil inside the pump.   Is this normal?   Was the car overfilled with oil?  It looks like it's still leaking.  Should I replace the oil separator (and cover) (on rear left) and on right valve cover? suggestions?

Mercedes W203 auto shifter problem

27 Feb 2020 •
W203 C200 CDI 2003 automatic, (car has no brakepedal contact, but has brake pressure sensor) Car runs fine for few miles, sometimes a day, even a forthnight. Then either of the following happens (not right away from the start, but rather after coming to a full stop eg at a traffic light): 1) stuck in 1st gear, after stop cannot move lever through reverse, until shutoff engine. Restart sometimes does not work, sometimes does work, but still stuck in 1st. If engine does not engage, remove key for some minutes, try to start again is sometimes successful.

installing entry light in door

14 Feb 2020 •
is there a connection in the door of a s203 2006 cdi c200 for making a entry light in the doors. Or do i have to pull wires in the door

Combination switch

11 Feb 2020 •
2015 Mercedes C 350 coupe. At the drivers seat under carpet at junction box there are 2 connectors same color. Actually a bunch of them but 1 controls wipers and 1 the turn signals. If I leave 1 connector unplugged the signals work but no wipers. Unplug that one and plug other the wipers work but no signals. Could Combination switch be bad or wiring issue. Doesnt matter where on junction box they are plugged same result.  Thank you for your help

Parking Brake contact switch 1997 C280 MBZ

14 Jan 2020 •
I had a mechanic tell me to replace the PARKING BRAKE CONTACT SWITCH, I bought one. The mechanic is gone....  Can anyone tell me where it is located?  The Brake  indicator on my dash stays on and it beeps constantly when car is in motion. I've searched YouTube and Googled it. Help!  please.  

12v relay signal for high-beam for mounting auxillary lights, Mercedes W205 / C180

27 Dec 2019 •
Hi. Please, anybody knows how to get 12v+ signal to a relay, activated when the high-beam lights are activated? I have LED original on both hi- and low-beam. I will use the signal to activate a relay for auxillary led-bar lights. Do i need for example a Cannect / CanM8 can-bus to analog adapter or is there a place to get thev 12v signal directly from the car without fault codes in the system?   Thanks so much for your answer. / Daniel Gaikonen. 


27 Dec 2019 •
I have a red warning light in the dash telling me to reduce oil however when I checked the oil through the dash instrument panel it says the oil is okay what will I do
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Footlight no work

7 Dec 2019 •
Hello. no more footlights and courtesy bonnet lights. I can't find the fuse

Mercedes C250 2012

1 Dec 2019 •
I changed my battery in my Mercedes now my car want start?

Carplay / Android Auto Comand Online

21 Nov 2019 •
Hi, I have Class C from 2017-01-09 with Command (531 COMAND APS NTG5/NTG5.5) ¿Exists any util to activate Android Auto on my unit? I read this post: But I have a conector with two USB and one SD-Card. Thanks