How to Change Auxiliary Battery on Mercedes -Benz ML R GL Class

How to Change Auxiliary Battery on Mercedes -Benz ML R GL Class


In this guide, you will find instructions on how to change the auxiliary battery (also referred to as the small, computer, or secondary battery) on Mercedes-Benz ML-Class W164, R-Class W251, and GL-Class X164.

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14 Jan 2020 •
My GL450, one side is down and the other side is up. I was told the right rear air spring(bag) is blown which it is. Before, my gl450 sits low when off but when on, it rises up. However, after getting new tires and doing an alignment, one side would not go up. My problem happened right after new tires and alignment was done. Took it to mercedes and they told me that the air bag is popped, but they also want me to replace all FOUR level sensors and the left rear air spring(bag) too.

passenger seat and window not working

3 Dec 2019 •
My battery died, I'm trying to replace it, but at the same time passenger seat and window stopped working. I can't move the seat all the way forward to get access for the battery. Any suggestions? Thanks.

GL450 .164 Battery disconnect

25 Nov 2019 •
When doing electrical component repairs, do you disconnect the Battery? In this case, I am swapping out a bad Door Control Module.

Mercedes GL350 X164 Air Suspension Issues

18 Nov 2019 •
I am having problems with my air suspension and was hoping someone could offer some guidance.  My air suspension stopped working and I receive a malfunction message in my dash. I went through some troubleshooting steps like checking the relay and fuse which were ok. I suspected the compressor was at fault as I could not here it turn on, and it was a cheap Chinese unit.  I replaced the compressor and while I was in there, also replaced the valve block, which means the car dropped as low as it would go.

Climate Control Randomly Cycling Modes/Losing Power

15 Nov 2019 •
The climate controls in my car (2013 GL450) started to randomly change to different modes. Sometimes you're able to select modes (Off, Auto, AC, etc.), and the system functions properly. Other times, the buttons don't work, and there are no lights on. When the lights are off, it will randomly change modes, and the blower will erratically switch from low to high, then back to low. Then the lights will come back on, and you can control the system, and components seem to respond accordingly. It constantly goes through this cycle. <br /> <br />

2011 GL 450 air strut replacement

15 Nov 2019 •
First time going to replace an air strut assembly on a 2011 Mercedes-Benz GL450, is there any difference as with a traditional strut on other vehicles other than the the air lines and sensor connection? Thanks in advance

Adblue Crystallisation

15 Nov 2019 •
Just wondering our gl350 Bluetec 2013 is blowing smoke out of the exhaust. The Adblue is squirting out of the exhaust and there is crystallisation of the Adblue around the tip of the exhaust. We recently change the upstream and down stream of the Knox Sensor so what else can it be that causes these problems.


15 Nov 2019 •
Looking for a tool to pair MB headsets with the Rear Entertainment System, factory installed in a 2014 GL350. The car came to us used without the headsets. We have acquired the correct part numbered set. Will any other tool support this pairing other than the MB Star?