2013 Mercedes-Benz glk250

29 Jan 2020 •
Counting restarts show 8 and the engine light is also on. how could i bypass the ad blue restarts    

GLK250 transmission

3 Dec 2019 •
Two days ago, acceleration became weak/bad. RPM needle running up during shifting and accelerating slow even with the peddle down. After one or two restarts, improves then back to same situation. Transmission fluid? Shocked to read stick to check fluid is something I need to purchase first. Can I get that in an Auto Zone? Guys, I'm female, 50 years old, and a widow, so be gentle. Also read could be fuel filter and looks easy enough to change.

GLK350 shifter problem

15 Nov 2019 •
Good day, long story short. Last week I bought Mercedes Benz glk350. Vehicle are after car accident. The problem is that the transmission are completely blockt. Dashboard not showing any gear. Shifter also does not respond. Any idea where is the problem? Many thanks for help

Tranmission Problems

15 Nov 2019 •
<p class="text-align-center">I have a 2011 Mercedes GLK 350 that I am having transmission problems. Wanted to see if anyone had any idea if my transmission is in fact going bad. Changed the fluid and filter and there were no metal shaving in there, seemed clean. Symptoms were a slight hesitation. Once fluid/filter changed car seemed to be doing good up until about 2 weeks ago. The hesitation came back and my tach is bouncing and every now and then it feels like I am going over rumble strips which it looks like in all the discussions it maybe my torque converter going bad.

2012 mercedes benz GLK350 upgrade

15 Nov 2019 •
Hello, I have a 2012 Mercedes Benz GLK 350 model with audio code 523. I would like to know if a navigation upgrade can be added to the car. Regards Ayo

AC compressor

15 Nov 2019 •
2010 Glk 350. A/C blowing hot air intermittent ly. Sometimes A/C works and other times it's just hot air. Diagnostic came back that electrical part on compressor was overheating and so I need to replace compressor. Also told to replace expansion valve, dryer, flush and recharge. Do you agree?

GLK 350 2012

15 Nov 2019 •
Glk 350 will not turn over. Stuck in park. No brake lights but just replaced the switch at peddle and no fuses are blown

Mercedes GLK 350 4matic thermostat issue

15 Nov 2019 •
Just changed the thermostat, hooked everything back up and now it leaks at the connection between the thermostat and radiator hose, any suggestions? Thank you.

Won't start and stuck in Park

15 Nov 2019 •
I have a 2010 GLK 350, love the car! 70k miles, got it used, it's had reg maintenance. Yesterday I pop into the mall, 20 min tops, come out and she is dead. My alarm works, the overhead lights and dash turn on, but that is about it. I called a tow, but she was stuck in Park, we jumped, twice from the tow truck. No change. There is no turn over, no noise, no flashing lights, and no signs leading up to the issue. I found the button under the gear shifter boot to release the car to neutral!! Yay, I got her towed. But now I'm left with a dead car.

Merc GLK350 (2WD), soft "hooting" noise from front passenger wheel

15 Nov 2019 •
I have a low-pitch, soft but very audible noise coming from (I think) the front passenger wheel. It happens at low speed and faster speeds but doesn't get louder or change pitch. It more like an Owl's hoot, not a metallic or grating noise. When I touch the break it stops or if I turn the wheel left or right it also stops. It's intermittent but happening more frequently as time goes by. One shop said it's a wheel bearing but the vehicle only has 59K on it. They did no diagnosis but I did explain the symptoms and gave him my best impression of the noise.