Overheating issues

10 Mar 2020 •
1998 sl500 keeps overheating. Changed radiator, water pump, thermostat, hoses, clutch fan, resevour, checked head, no oil in water, no water in oil, no smoke or water at tail pipe, runs fine until temperature reaches 90 degrees +\- then starts to heat up. Water in reservoir boils. Hoses are hard with water but see or feel any circulation of water. Pump is new. What else could I check? Could it be a bad sensor or vacuum signal of some type for coolant to go to heads for cooling? I'm stumped. Please help

Coupure de courant

22 Jan 2020 •
Mercedes r 230 année 2006 272 CV. J'ai le 1er contact qui se fait par intermitance, quand sa se produit j' ai une partie du sam avant gauche qui n'est pas alimenté,donc exemple essuies glaces qui ne marche pas, Radio, GPS, etc. Je pense que c' est le module EZS qui est en faute, qui peut  me confirmé ( SVP )

car too low to drive 2004 MBZ SL500- 110,000 miles

17 Jan 2020 •
my wife drove the car home with it way to low to drive. It is equally low on all four wheels.  when it drops equally on all four wheels does that mean the airmatic pump has gone bad. Is there a way to test it and be sure it is a bad pump and not a bad relay or fuse.  does it use hydraulic fluid, and could that be low. what is the best place to buy the correct pump. there are several on Amazon, but none define for certain that it fits the 2004 MBZ SL6500.

Help Requested on an SL500 Mercedes

2 Jan 2020 •
I purchased the car at auction during the summer of 2019.  I currently have 2 problems that no one can seem to answer.  Can you help?: - The digital clock on the center of the dashboard does not keep accurate time.(runs too slowly).  Is there a way to correct this?

Recoding the Electrics after a new battery

15 Nov 2019 •
Having a new battery fitted to my 2013 SL63 AMG, I was informed that the car needed to be 'recoded' Having resetting various operations using the instrument cluster...everything works ok...windows, folding roof, radio...etc etc...., but I cannot get the door mirrors to 'unfold' when opening/unlocking the doors. I have tried over and over using the instrument cluster to 'enable' the folding door mirrors, but with no luck.....anyone have any ideas..... Thank you

rear lamp sl65

15 Nov 2019 •
trying to replace the rear lamp assembly on my sl 65 amg. Seems almost impossible to get at. any tips.

Stereo BT upgrade on 2006 SL65 ?

15 Nov 2019 •
Is there an easy way to add Bluetooth connectivity for both music and phone and a car that doesn't have an iPod connector I've looked at the unit from Dennison and would appreciate any and or all advice I'd rather that replaced the head unit but I'm open to that option thanks in advance for all the help

1999 mercedes benz sl500 battery positive terminal wires

15 Nov 2019 •
I just finished work on my transmission and was going to do a flush. I hooked up the battery to start it and when my son turned the key sparks flew from the starter area. I went back to check the battery and I forgot to connect a small black cable to the + positive terminal (it was tucked behind the panel) now the car dash lights up everything works except the starter wont even click (1) what was that wire I didn't connect and (2) did I fry the starter (3) is there a fuse or relay to replace and where is it (I checked everywhere)any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank You

New to me 2005 SL65 AMG

15 Nov 2019 •
misfire on cylinders 3,7, 11....check engine light...resetting light lasted 3 days..light back on....change all 24 plugs or just the ones causing fault??

key swap

15 Nov 2019 •
I have 2013 sl63 have lost 1 of my keys. I need to buy a new spare one. I would like to buy the new style key that comes with the new models. Can I do this? It looks like a simple programming operation. Thanks