Intermittent Starting Problem

31 Oct 2019 •
Dear All, I would require a big help if possible I'm an owner of SLK 350 2005 model:r171 VIN:WDB1714562F051671 and I have intermittent starting issues in the morning it will start and later if you park the car for 20 minutes doesn't start again, diagnostic doesn't say anything so we change all those spares: Spare parts changed: Ignition Coil 6 Sensor, boost pressure Air Mass Sensor


30 Aug 2019 •
Automatic gearbox slip. Going from 2nd to 3rd, engine races then goes into gear. Would like to find a good replacement. Any tips. Or any clues to problem. Fix. Oil have been changed and tried an additive to clean valves no luck. I have been quoted 500 to1000€ for clutch, then next shop says valve box replace with used box1000€. Found a few used gearboxes from 800 to 1800 all used not reconditioned.

07 mercedes SLK vibration

31 Jul 2019 •
This issue was sudden onset with no prior symptoms.   The car now feels as though there is a rear flat tire. <20 mph.  Like the rear end has that bump up and down then a shift from side to side.  It then smooths out and then vibrates again  over 40-45 mph.  Vibration increases with speed and continues after gas pedal is released until almost stopped.   New tires and never seemed to need re balanced, possible that ball joint is beginning to fail (classic symptoms have shown x 2-3 wks)   Any help would be much appreciated.  Thank you

ESP malfunction?

27 Jun 2019 •
When I put my 2012 Mercedes SLK 250 in a hard turn on dry pavement, the ESP light came on, the other "ESP off" light came on and the screen said ESP inoperable - See user manual. Also the car went into "limp mode" only being able to drive at 20mph or less. I stopped the car, turned it off, then back on and it reset. Is there a malfunction issue with the ESP or is this normal, because the system was overloaded?