Left blinker

23 Dec 2019 •
Left turn signal flashes rapidly.  All bulbs are new..I heard it has something to do with a computer. Isee 2 small plug ins. That look like blinker rellays but don't think so.. They are were the fuses are inside left hand side.

Brake leak

11 Oct 2019 •
Using brake fluid , can't find leak..2009. Also left blinker ,fast . Changed bulbs ,no help

Blinker problem

1 Sep 2019 •
The left blinker is fast, all bulbs replaced. No help..

2014 Rogue VHCL speed se stuck at 29 km/h

9 Jul 2019 •
Hi everyone, my 2014 Rogue shows a VHCL speed sensor stuck at 29 km/h on the way down. It goes up but never falls below that speed. I have tested all speed sensors on the transmission and they all test good. Has anyone seen this before? I use the Autel MS906. I wonder if the problem isn't actually in the PCM or TSM... Thanks for your help