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2007 ML500

5 Apr 2020 •
I changed the rotors and pads all around on my ML500. Bled the brakes, started the car and it feels like all 4 wheels are locked up. Anybody got any ideas as to what the problem is? Thanks in advance.

2000 e320

5 Apr 2020 •
have a 2000 e320 4matic and have been having troubles with trans ie.limp mode I got a used trans control module installed it and trans operated properly for approx. 15-20 min and then went back to limp mode and im thinking its a electronic issue but not sure the trans was rebuilt a few years ago built but only has approx. 250 miles on it since then any ideas thanks

Relay and fuse location

3 Apr 2020 •
I need to replace the fuse or relay for my 2012 E350 convertible top. Anyone know where I can get the fuse diagram for my car. Dealerships have been no help at all. thanks in advance


3 Apr 2020 •
Hi, I have a Land Rover Range Rover 2003.  I was on the highway about 60mph speed.  all of a sudden heard the chime and few lights came on like ABS,TC, BRAKE and air suspension inactive message pop up. can you please recommend me the best diagnostic scanner for the air suspension to fix and calibration for suspension height as well.  thanks.    
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idle problem

1 Apr 2020 •
have a 2002 Silverado V8, had my ABS lockup on me. pulled the fusses.  Now, when i go past 20 mph, and let off the gas, the engine doesn't idle down, but rives. 


27 Mar 2020 •
OK I am new to this , just bought a 2008 x5 m sport 150,000 miles I have a couple of problems with intermittent lights coming on  4x4 dsc abs lights, used a fox diagnostic tool Fault codes showing 5dbb dsc sensor internal Ecu info bmw part 6788220 I am a little confused one code is for the pump and the other the internal dsc unit  The fox unit allowed me to do a pump test and it came back as a failure  Would like to know before I start replacing parts , any ideas ......?.

2017 GLS 500 comand unit

24 Mar 2020 •
2017 GLS 500 comand screen not turning on, have tried holding "eject" and checked fuses. On button lighting up but screen nor functions via steering wheel controls etc responding. Any suggestions?  Thanks

fuel 2001 mercedes clk320

17 Mar 2020 •
battery has full charge turn over once and have to turn key off  starter will not stay running how do you get off limp mode  does throttle positioning senser keep from starting?chaged fuel filter no fuel pressure the code reader says code120 throttle/pedal positioning sensor/switch A circuit where is that part car will start but if you touch gas pedal it dies  turn over again it wiil start but dies again if you touch gas pedal the car died on the freeway went into limp mode before it died had car towed home 

Mass Air Flow sensor for Nissan Sentra 2013

16 Mar 2020 •
Would like to DIY video on cleaning or replacing the MAF sensor on the 2013 Nissan Sentra SL ?