2004 E500 Headlights

Iyad Gabbour • 9 February 2020

I just bought 2004 E500. The headlights (OEM) are crap. The brightness is bad and barely show me whats in front of me.

Can I get better brightness on my low beam, DLRs(My car shop will be adjusting the angle), or it is what it is?

Can I exchange the back to LED or are they already LED?

Thanks a lot


Are the headlights foggy? You can make them look brand new with a 3M headlight restoration kit.

As far as the bulbs Sylvania makes some great H7 bulbs. Do you know if you got halogen bulbs or HID?


The back lights are already LED on the W211.

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  • Many thanks for answering. The right is foggy. A professional person at Toyota tried his best. Apparently I still need to change the H7 halogen on the small light and the D2S HID on the big round light.

    Can I find bright white Halogen with (5000k to 6500k) and high luminous, or do all halogens have same Lux? I also need to change the fog lights. At least the left 

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  • Also trying to exchange the Fog lights. Manual says H1 55W which I assume are halogen. If I go to Sylvania website it shows H11 (most website state they are H11) LEd, and even 9006 LED. So which one is it as a number? And can I exchange them to LED if wanted to or do I need ti change the whole thing?

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