2009 Mercedes e350 rwd 80 k miles

• 15 November 2019

Hello everyone I'm new here, I'm planning to buy mentioned Benz. Now this would be my first ever Mercedes, I did some research on that particular model, i read that 722.9 tranny has tendency to have issues, is there anything I should know about that vehicle, is it a good model year, is it reliable? I'd like to know as much as possible, if anyone owns that car and could tell Me how your experience is/was with the car that would Be great, thanks

If you are asking about an overall review, it is one of the best cars out there period! The US News

gave the car a score of 9.2/10 and full marks on reliability. So I'm not sure where you

heard about the issues with the 722.9.

Of course, you will be buying a car that is used, and has more than 80k miles

That can bring issues of its own so you better get those checked as well.

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  • You might experience 722.9 tranny problems in a car that has clocked more than 80,000

    miles. It can happen to any car. Before you buy it, please get a complete diagnostic done

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