E500 Transmission ECU trade

Rocky Adams • 17 November 2019

I've changed the transmission conductor plate on a 320 with success.  Now I have a 2004 E500 That looks like it needs a conductor plate,(Code says speed sensor).  My research shows that you cannot switch the conductor plates like you could with the E320.  Apparently, they are serialized to the car body and a legit replacement is about $500 or more..  But I have a good spare E500.  So here is my question.  Can I use the good conductor plate of Mercedes "A" and replace the mounted Control unit with the control control of the original Mercedes "B" unit.  I'm hoping that the serialized control unit follows the control unit.  Any help?



I think you're right EXCEPT if you have it rebuilt and reflashed.  BUT, I'm not positive.  I did find a couple of places that sell a rebuilt conductor plate.  They have to have your VIN number to reprogram the control unit.    I hope it works as I ordered one today.

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