Rear backing-up sensor Distance Readout

Allan Schramm • 14 October 2019

Can anyone help me PLEASE with the "approximate distance" readout thingy that you can see through the rearview mirror and hangs from the ceiling by the rear window? (Picture attached) As one backs up it shows the distance to an object. Mine lights up, beeps fine and the beep frequency increases as I get closer to an object, it gives a readout but the little numerals don't appear normal. For example, a 8 reads as a backwards L or a 7 as I, you know, fragments of the numeral don't light up. Any ideas other than giving Mercedes $3 million and my 3rd born male child? Who knows but the numerals look like something extraterrestrial.....maybe my MB was made in Mars...

Thanks, and God bless,



The ones I have seen only show bars and the sound frequency increases as you get close. How does it look when not in reverse? Does it function OK otherwise? 

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  • I first thought is that the display unit that you show on the picture is defective. Does the one on top of the front dash work properly?

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  • Not yet. I can live with it as it is because despite not showing the numerals clearly, it still beeps when I shift into Reverse and there's an obstacle back there. The beeping gets faster as I approach the obstacle and when I get to the "You betta STOP NOW or that's yo ass" distance, the beep changes from fast-intermittent to a steady sound.

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