Upgrade Mercedes-Benz Key Fob Case to Chrome Shell

Martin Huusfeldt • 11 September 2019


Are you 100% sure our black key fob shell that use 2 batteries will work with only 1 battery? 

Keyecu say NO that this chrome key shell is NOT an upgrade but a replacement shell for an existing chrome key shell (very misleading information many has MB drivers has damaged their key circuitboard ending up with no working key

Can anyone confirm please?

I just did this exact modification this weekend. It has to be the aftermarket shell that has the shape as the black shell.

You can't use the OEM chrome shell, that one doesn't work.

The only trick was that the circuit board was a little tricky to slide in, but we eventually got it.

But yes, it can be done.

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  • Was NOT what I was asking please see my quistion again. 

    (so yours works now with just 1 battery from the black fob that has 1 batteries  ) 

    And don't use the slide it in you risk damaging  the circuitboard, Instead split open the new key Shell first it is super easy. See video how to ithttps://we.tl/t-NbrV119FRl

    Thank you friend 


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